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Town Board Minutes
May 09, 2017

Draft Minutes – subject to approval at the next meeting

Town of Wyoming

May 9, 2017


The officers present:  John Hess (chairman),Leonard Olson (supervisor), Mike Degen (supervisor),Philip Limmex (treasurer), and Mary Lloyd-Jones (clerk). 

Absent: None

Others Present: Marty Limmex, Terry and Suzanne Shifflet, Steve Murphy



Meeting called to order at 7:01





Motion to approve April 18thminutes (Degen/Olson) passed.


Treasurer’s Report


Motion to approve May Treasurer’s Report as corrected (Olson/Degen) passed.



Application for Driveway access for 6863 Rush Creek Road by Marty Limmex


This proposal was tabled last month and resubmitted at the May meeting.  On May 2nd the Plan Commission approved the plan conditional on moving the driveway so it bothers the neighbors less. Limmex, neighbors, & Commission members met earlier today and came to an acceptable location. Motion to approve (Degen/Olson) passed.


Application for driveway access and internal driveway at 5838 Lakeview Road by

Terry and Suzanne Shifflet


Submittal was good, no concerns were expressed by members or neighbors. Commission recommends approval (Degen/Olson) passed.



Application for land division at 5977 County Road T by Steve and Lori Murphy


This land division was always part of a longer range plan. The original survey was wrong and the parcel is smaller than originally thought so the new parcel is still less than 40 acres and will have to stay zoned AR1. Motion to approve (Degen/Olson) passed.



Plan Commission Information Report


A June meeting will be held to take up the resubmitted Bugtussle tower at the Phil Limmex property, and new projects for Lloyd-Jones house and Hottman shed. Many people have contacted Degen about bike safety on Hwy 23 and County C. Maybe we can get TPI and APT to join us in lobbying Novak & Marklein about fixing the grates on the 23 bridge and to build a bike path behind the Visitors Center to Golf Course road.

Maintenance on the existing bike path from Hillside School road to the Visitors Center has been neglected. It is owned by the state DOT but they’re not taking care of it. When a tree fell on the bridge, we fixed it. The pavement is deteriorating and vegetation is growing up and encroaching.

Heuer property is still a problem. Scott Godfrey inspected and found no animals there. Now there are 10 horses. Fencing is also still an issue. Heuer feels he’s being harassed The feeling of the board is that the rules are the rules and you can’t drag your feet for months in noncompliance & then claim harassment. Hess will send a letter. Options are to comply with the zoning requirements or apply for a conditional use permit, which will have conditions.



Proposals for ditch bank mower


Limmex said they don’t make what we have anymore. The only one that would work is the one Olson found. There are still too many unknowns to decide. More research needed.


Town Road work - 2017


Proposals for sealcoating Lower Wyoming Road and Rush Creek Road

Scott construction (nothing from Fahrner) submitted a proposal for Peastone  at $14,649/mile. Motion to accept (Hess/Olson) passed. We will do Lower Wyoming Rd from Hwy 23 to where we stopped last time

Tree trimming project is ongoing. Dean is working with Mellum but not making much progress.




Patrolman’s annual performance and salary review


Conducted  annual performance and salary review of Town Patrolman


Authorization to participate in inter-town meetings with the town of Arena, Lima, Stark , and Vermont to obtain answers to questions regarding the proposed Cardinal Hickory Creek 345kV line


Line officials were invited to attend an earlier meeting with Vermont & Arena, but they declined. Now more municipalities have requested a meeting with PSC staff. This won’t be a town meeting but towns will authorize to give clout.  Hess/Degen passed


Appoint representative to above committee


Motion to appoint Hess (Hess/Olson) passed


Alcoholic beverage server licenses


One received from TPI. Motion to approve (Degen/Olson) passed.


Board of Review May 15, 2017  - 6 to 8 pm




Appoint alternate members to Board of Review


Phil Limmex, John Mack, Jerry Opginorth (Hess/Degen) passed





Olson reported that the Fire Board meets next Tuesday

The State Road Rating filing is due, will be filed by Hess.

Hess reported on the Town Officers meeting he attended last week. There was a good session on Finding new volunteers/board members. People need to be asked.

Septic system inspection required.

Fuel tank needs painting.


Public input


None heard.


Payment of invoices


Motion to approve the payment of invoices (Degen/Olson) passed.





Motion to adjourn (Degen/Olson). Meeting adjourned at 8:27

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