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Mar 14, 2017

Town of Wyoming

March 14, 2017


The officers present:  John Hess (chairman),Leonard Olson (supervisor), Mike Degen (supervisor),Philip Limmex (treasurer), and Mary Lloyd-Jones (clerk). 

Absent: None

Others Present:



Meeting called to order at 7:00




Motion to approve February 8th minutes (Degen/Olson) passed.


Treasurer’s Report


Motion to approve March Treasurer’s Report (Olson/Degen) passed.


Plan Commission Information Report


Revisions to Iowa County Farmland Preservation Ordinance. Some additional zoning districts are now eligible for FP.

Three submittals received so Commission will meet next month. One driveway, one rezone, one cell tower. The town has no authority over tower siting but can review driveway & interior driveway. Degen wrote to Limmex explaining what authority the town has. Bugtussle, AT&T & TMobile would be initial users. This will bring high speed internet to the valley. Tower would be 300 feet high, narrow with guy wires, low impact amber light shining up and a small building at base. Meeting will be  second Tuesday in April.

Most of animals have been moved from Heuer property. Call from Mrs. Heuer reported that animals were  moved to Parson’s property but still too many animals there. Limit is 5 animals on their property.



Proposed Plan Commission Appointments


            Member – Lara Stroud – 3 year term, new member

            Member – Allen DeSchepper – 3 year term, 2nd 3 year term


Nominated (Hess/Olson) and approved.


Town Road work - 2017


Olson will look for quotes for a new mower


Annual Report and Form C – due to WisDOR March 31, 2017


Lloyd-Jones has it ½ done


Spring Election April 4, 2017


State Superintendent of Schools, State Supreme Court, 4th District Court of Appeals, Dodgeville and River Valley School Boards, Town Board.

Public Test will be noon, March 26th.


Annual Meeting – April 18, 2017 – proposed agenda


Publish notice



Reschedule April Board Meeting from 2nd Tuesday to 3rd Tuesday on April 18, 2017








Big increase in sanding material (big storms) and workers comp (bump in Dean’s pay). Hess will attend WTA Capital Day

Fire district meeting is next Tuesday, Olson will attend.



Public input


None heard.


Payment of invoices


Motion to approve the payment of invoices (Degen/Olson) passed.





Motion to adjourn (Degen/Olson). Meeting adjourned at 8:17

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