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Town Board Minutes
Jan 10, 2017


Town of Wyoming

January 10, 2017




The officers present:  John Hess (chairman),Leonard Olson (supervisor), Mike Degen (supervisor),Philip Limmex (treasurer), and Mary Lloyd-Jones (clerk). 

Absent: None

Others Present: Allen DeSchepper, Judy Symon Hanson



Meeting called to order at 7:24




Motion to approve December 13th minutes (Degen/Olson) passed.


Treasurer’s Report


Motion to approve January Treasurer’s Report (Degen/Olson) passed.


Tax Settlement – December 31, 2016


Checks are written




Plan Commission Information Report


Submittal package received from Roskes for new house & driveway. Meeting will be 2/7/17. John Dunnagan would like to resign from Plan Commission as soon as we can find a replacement. Len’s son, Allen, wants to buy the parcel next to his with the barn. It would be a land division off the bigger parcel and a rezone, probably AR-1, possibly with a conditional use permit for a few cows. Someone is interested in the Swinehart property.  There is a potential buyer for a 10 acre parcel owned by a Milwaukee law firm located on the premises of the House on the Rock Resort, along Springs Drive, a private road. Property may be in the view-shed of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. A second home is intended for the property.  Heuer property on County C has way too many cattle on property. Again. Matter turned over to Scott Godfrey to enforce.


Town Road work


No progress on new mower purchase.



Wisconsin DOC Work Related Injuries and Illnesses Report – due March 1, 2017


Lloyd-Jones supplied hours, Hess will file.


February 21 Spring Primary


State Superintendent of Public Education, Supreme Court, School Board.




SG fire district switching to Rural Insurance. Spring Green will be appointing a new rep.


Public input


Fuel tank inspection failed. Must be painted & 2 new decals.


Payment of invoices


Motion to approve the payment of invoices (Olson/Degen) passed.





Motion to adjourn (Degen/Olson). Meeting adjourned at 8:20

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