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Town Board Minutes
Feb 08, 2017


Town of Wyoming

February 8, 2017



The officers present:  John Hess (chairman),Leonard Olson (supervisor), Mike Degen (supervisor),Philip Limmex (treasurer), and Mary Lloyd-Jones (clerk). 

Absent: None

Others Present: Russ Roske, Rowena Symon-Roske,, JudySymon Hanson



Meeting called to order at 7:02




Motion to approve January 10th minutes(Degen/Olson) passed.


Treasurer’s Report


Motion to approve February Treasurer’s Report(Olson/Degen) passed.


Tax Settlement – January 31, 2017


Fire District  payments

Payment in lieu to SG Area Fire District - $1148.18

Checks are written




Application for building site and internal driveway by Russ Roske and Rowena Symon-Roske at 5467 Weaver Road



Plan Commission visited the site on Saturday, February 4th, and met Tuesday, February 7, 2017 to discuss. Four issues raised by a neighbor were discussed: angle of drive, width of driveway, slope, and turnaround. Most were deemed to be not a problem, some accommodations were agreed to. Plan meets all Town criteria, Commission recommends approval. Degen/Olson passed.





Plan Commission Information Report


Marty Limmex will be requesting a new driveway at Rush Creek property. Discussion of records retention.   Heuer property discussed again.  Environmental damage, animal abuse, county doesn’t have much authority. Hess will talk to Scott Godfrey about holding a tougher line. Ground water contamination. Olson handed in proposal for his son’s land division. Discussion will be at March meeting. Need new Plan commission member to take John Dunagan’s seat.



Town Website – Management and maintenance


Someone wanted a newsletter but it isn’t on the website. Phil will post. Some things are out of date, Plan Commission Agenda should be posted (Lloyd-Jones will do it).


Town Road work - 2017


Lamers thanks the plow truck team. Salt inspection is this week. Brushing Sneed Creek Rd this summer.


SARA III filing report for hazardous materials on town site – due March 1, 2017


Hess will file.


February 21 Spring Primary


State Superintendent of Public Education, Supreme Court, School Board.

Public Test to be held Sunday, February 12th at noon.




WTA scholarship for high school seniors. Workers Comp will go way up because of Dean’s higher pay last year. Some cutting notices received. Fuel tank needs to be painted, no slip things on ramp.

One operator’s licence renewal approved (Degen/Olson)


Public input


None heard.


Payment of invoices


Motion to approve the payment of invoices (Degen/Olson) passed.





Motion to adjourn (Degen/Olson). Meeting adjourned at 8:02

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