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Town Board Minutes
Apr 18, 2017


Town of Wyoming

April 18, 2017


The officers present:  John Hess (chairman),Leonard Olson (supervisor), Mike Degen (supervisor),Philip Limmex (treasurer), and Mary Lloyd-Jones (clerk). 

Absent: None

Others Present: Allen Olson, John Dunagan, Wendy Dunagan, Marty Limmex



Meeting called to order at 7:47


Oaths of office for officials elected April 4, 2017


All officials signed.




Motion to approve March 14thminutes as amended) (Degen/Olson) passed.


Treasurer’s Report


Motion to approve April Treasurer’s Report as amended (Olson/Degen) passed.


Plan Commission Information Report


May meeting will discuss Steve & Laurie Murphy land division, Shifflet driveway, and Marty Limmex driveway.

Phil Limmex tower driveway was tabled till June. A new map was submitted half way through the discussion at the Plan Commission meeting which changed the proposal. Bugtussle will put a public notice in both newspapers, and will work with Degen on the submittal. Hess is president of IA CO Historical Society & gets notified of any projects.  He will notify Bugtussle of cultural & historic sites. We can’t forbid tower but can look for alternatives. Prime farm land should be preserved. Private driveways can’t cross prime land.


Some constituents have asked about revising the comprehensive plan as it is10 years old. The Town of Brigham is doing it so maybe we should think about it.

Heuer has moved his animals to Parson’s farm. Long email from an adjacent landowner about fencing. Animals are getting out, horses are in the stream. The current agreement is to split responsibility for fence, Heure wants to split cost. Chapter 90 details our authority over fencing.




Rezone, Land Division and Conditional Use application for 6300 State Hwy 23 by Allen Olson



Degen explained the proposal to “make the farm whole” by combining parcels that were separated years ago. Mr. Wickman has sent a letter to apply for the land division. Commission recommends approval. Olson abstained. Drive is 38 feet wide, County requires 50 feet of frontage. That is a matter for the County to deal with. Motion to approve (Degen/Hess) carried.



Driveway access for 6863 Rush Creek Road by Marty Limmex


Degen explained proposal & concerns of the commission. Application was not complete, the original permit required planting of screening trees, which were planted just before the meeting. Marty was unable to attend the Plan Commission meeting (Phil stood in) so not all questions could be answered. Some neighbors weren’t notified, there were questions about the 250 foot sight line. Commission unanimously recommended denial of proposal.

Hess sees 3 options. Overrule the commission, deny, or send back to commission. Olson would like more specifics. Marty says he’s met all the requirements & worked hard & rearranged schedule. One neighbor still hasn’t been notified.

Motion to remand back to plan commission (Hess/Olson) passed.

Next plan meeting is May 2. We will schedule a site visit and request a better map and accurate addresses.

Commission needs to discuss what it means to “notify neighbors”.


Proposed Plan Commission Appointments


            Chair – Mike Degen– 1 year term

            Board Representative – Mike Degen – 2 year term


Nominated (Hess/Olson) and approved.


Resolution to oppose proposed Cardinal Hickory Creek 345k V transmission line


We adopted the resolution in 2012, another in 2014. Another resolution last year, asking for cost benefit analysis. Now one asking for outright ban. Hess made 2 additions to Rob Danielson’s language. Motion to approve (Olson/Degen) passed.


Town Road work - 2017


$46,400 was budgeted, it will take $152,000 to do everything that hasn’t been done since 2007. Crack filing on Lower Wyoming would be good but if cell tower construction happens there may damage so we should wait.

Road Review date was not set.




Proposals for acquisition of ditch bank mower


Olson got a bid from Mid-state. Need specifications to better compare. Dean said be sure to get certain things.  Phil will have info by the end of the week and will work with Dean & compare specs.


Set dates for Open Book and Board of Review


Open Book May 8   5-7

Board of Review May 15   6-8


Annual Recycling Report to DNR due April 30, 2017




Alcoholic beverage server licenses




WTA Town Officials Workshop – May 3 – Mineral Point


For ongoing & returning officers. Hess will attend.







IA Co economic development group forming. We have to paint the fuel tanks. RV school board recall election will be May 30, town will vote in Spring Green (this has now been changed & we will vote at the Wyoming Town Hall).


Public input


None heard.


Payment of invoices


Motion to approve the payment of invoices (Degen/Olson) passed.





Motion to adjourn (Degen/Olson). Meeting adjourned at 9:08

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