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Plan Commission Meeting
Sep 06, 2016

Town of Wyoming Plan Commisison

September 6, 2016


Site Visit

Commission members met at APT to view the site. Michael Broh & Evo Rosenthal explained the proposed new buildings and stage.


Plan Commission members in attendance: Chair Mike Degen, John Dunagan, Mary Lloyd-Jones, Allen DeSchepper and Lew Lama. Public Present: Michael Broh and Evo Rosenthal.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of the meeting August 2, 2016 tabled.

American Players Theatre building siting 

The plan is to build a 74x140 ft Rehearsal Building, a 50x66 ft Club House building & rebuild the stage. All buildings will be hooked in to the Sanitary District and the septic field will be abandoned. There will be no significant changes to the internal driveways. Neighbors are blocked by hills and trees although APT expressed willingness to mitigate noise if necessary. All lighting will be dark-skies friendly.

Motion to recommend approval as submitted (Dunagan/Lama) approved (DeSchepper abstained).


Annual Picnic  

Timeline and division of labor agreed to.

Motion to adjourn at 7:25 pm. Moved by Lloyd-Jones, second by DeSchepper. Carried.

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