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Plan Commission Minutes
Jun 06, 2017

Draft Minutes – subject to approval at the next meeting

Wyoming Township Plan Commission

Minutes of the meeting Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Site Visit: Lloyd-Jones property, 6514 Hillside School Road.  Members present: Lloyd-Jones, Hamblen, Degen, and Symon Hanson. Public: the Marquarts (neighbors). Lloyd-Jones explained where the new house will sit south of current house, out of view from Taliesin, and how the drive will be leveled and widened at the top for a 50’ turnaround, also widened to include a pull-out as required.



Plan Commission members in attendance: Chair Mike Degen, Mary Lloyd-Jones, Floyd Hamblen, Lew Lama, and Judy Symon Hanson. Public Present: Phil Limmex


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Chair Degen.

2.      Minutes of the meeting May 2, 2017, were reviewed. Motion to approve by Lama, second by Hamblen. Carried.

3.      Mary Lloyd-Jones Building site and internal driveway submittal:  There will be an issue with water run-off, to be managed by collection and diversion around the house. The teardown of current house will be as complete as can be managed at reasonable cost. If necessary any remaining cement work can be incorporated into some patio-type space. Symon Hanson moved, second by Lama to recommend approval of the submittal package by the Town Board. Carried; Lloyd-Jones abstaining.

4.      Revising of Submittal Package.  Our suggestions will go to the Town Board. All agreed we need to see a draft of the possible changes before actual wording is chosen. Symon Hanson will type up the draft given the following suggestions. We should include a clearer explanation of the submittal process on our website noting the importance of our Land Use Plan.  First clarify our name –Plan or Planning Commission.

a.      Part One

                                                              i.      Landowner

                                                            ii.      Project location

                                                          iii.      Mailing address

                                                          iv.      Add “email address” after phone number

b.      Part Two

                                                              i.      Change subtitle by deleting “utilizing…..”

                                                            ii.      Delete PCD Planned Complex Development, modification

c.       Part Three (eliminate part Four) -- Provide:

                                                              i.      Complete description of request.

                                                            ii.      Clear photos, maps plans and/or other information, at a minimum a conceptual site plan with a detailed map (81/2 x11); a topographical map showing existing areas of vegetation; existing conditions such as wetlands or floodplains; any characteristics such as spots of historical significance.

                                                          iii.      Names and addresses of landowners contiguous to the property for which the request is submitted, and if necessary, those on crossroads and streets. Depending on the significance of the proposal, additional names and addresses may be required.

                                                          iv.      Visibility from main highways, national landmarks, visual impacts.

                                                            v.      Details of proposed zoning changes and/or conditional uses, if any.

                                                          vi.      Project timetable.

                                                        vii.      Traffic impact and internal circulation projections.

                                                      viii.      Erosion control plan.

                                                          ix.      Post construction drainage plan.

                                                            x.      Utilities services: sewer, water, electric, refuse pick-up, police and fire.

                                                          xi.      Signage plan.

                                                        xii.      Health and safety risks.

                                                      xiii.      If your property falls within Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Boundary (LWSR), the submittal may be subject to additional review by the LWSR Board.

                                                      xiv.      Complete an original and 14 copies ….. (see current submittal) and include the appropriate fee….

                                                        xv.      Submittal deadlines will be strictly enforced

                                                      xvi.      When would you be available to show the property to the Commission?

5.      Pig Roast.  Poster will go up soon. Symon Hanson will contact Keith about roasting the pig. Lama suggested Patrick Michaels is interesting in learning the process.

6.      Motion to adjourn at 8:45 pm. Moved by Symon Hanson, second by Lloyd-Jones. Carried.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting would have been Tuesday, July 4, at 7:00. May be re-scheduled.


Respectfully submitted,           Judy Symon Hanson, Secretary


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