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Plan Commission Minutes
Feb 07, 2017

Wyoming Township Plan Commission

Minutes of the meeting Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Site Visit Saturday, February 4, at 5467 Weaver Road.  Russ Roske showed members around the site. Members present voiced no concerns with the proposed plans.



Plan Commission members in attendance: Mike Degen, Mary Lloyd-Jones, Floyd Hamblen, and Judy Symon Hanson. Public Present: Russell Roske, Rowena Symon-Roske, Keith J. Symon


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Degen.


2.  Minutes of the meeting December 6, 2016, were reviewed. Motion to approve by Lloyd-Jones, second by Hamblen. Carried.


3.      Roske Building Site and Driveway Proposal: Chair Degen read an email sent to the Commission by the attorney for neighbor Jacobsen expressing concerns that the proposed driveway meet all specifications. The Commission discussed the following points with the landowners:

·         The drive does meet the town road at an angle consistent with the ordinance specifications.

·         The internal drive has a turn into the garage apron also consistent, and the apron will be extended from the garage to provide a necessary turn-around and parking for emergency vehicles.

·         There is an end-of-drive Y turn-around near new shed consistent with ordinance. If it is not visually obvious, directional signage will be provided.

·         Using the given scale, members assessed the grade along the drive. The drive meets the 10% or less grade specification. In addition, a section in front of the house will be raised about 2 feet to reduce the grade even further for the garage access.

·         The width of the drive will be gravelled to meet the 18 foot requirement for a shared drive wherever natural conditions allow without extensive excavation. This will permit passing areas along the majority of the drive. The section of the drive to the new shed and turn-around is not shared.

·         Needed culverts will meet the ordinance specifications.

·         There were no concerns raised about the buildings themselves. Lighting will be consistent with dark skies policies.

Because Symon Hanson recused herself from the voting, there was no quorum for a formal motion. The Commission gave informal approval for a recommendation by the Town Board.  The February Town Board meeting will be held Wednesday, February 8.


4. Further Business:  To the question of Cell Phone Towers, Degen informed the members that the Township has no authority in the matter.


5. Motion to adjourn at 7:55 pm. Moved by Symon Hanson, second by Lloyd-Jones. Carried.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting would be Tuesday, March 7, at 7:00.


Respectfully submitted,           Judy Symon Hanson, Secretary


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