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Plan Commission Minutes
Apr 11, 2017

Draft Minutes – subject to approval at the next meeting

Wyoming Township Plan Commission

Minutes of the meeting Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Site Visit Tuesday 6:30 at Allen Olson residence 6300 State Road 23. Al and Len Olson showed members around the property to be purchased and added to the house section.



Plan Commission members in attendance: Mike Degen, Mary Lloyd-Jones, Allen DeSchepper, Floyd Hamblen, new member Lara Stroud and Judy Symon Hanson. Public Present: Randy Manning, Michaela Weyer, Dean Fahrni, Philip Limmex, Jim and Sandy Doherty, Len Olson, Allen Olson, Albert Friedman, Susan (Cookie) Friedman, Wendy Dunagan, John Dunagan, Tom Kelly, and representatives of BugTussel/ Cloud1, LLC: Scott Littell, Ken Franzen, Andrew Van Sickle, and Scott Reiter.


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chair Degen.


2.      Minutes of the meeting February 7, 2017, were reviewed. Motion to approve by Lloyd-Jones, second by Hamblen. Carried.


3.      Marty Limmex Driveway. In Marty’s absence, Philip Limmex presented the request to alter the current driveway into a two access drive-through at the machine shed at 6866 Rush Creek Road.

a.      The Plan Commission acted on this drive and shed in 2011 requiring a 250 foot sight line in both directions at the drive access to the road. The proposed new access may not meet this condition.

b.      Evergreen screenings that were a condition of 2011 approval have not been planted.

c.       The Chair brought up the 2011 discussion of the agreed-upon building placement.

 Degen moved, second by Symon Hanson to recommend denial of the application to the Town Board citing the reasons above. Motion carried.


4.      Allen Olson Land Division and Rezoning.

a.       The current property (house and driveway) is about 1.1 acre. Olson proposes buying additional acreage from Bob Wickham including a parking area, barn and sheds bringing the total to around 2.4 acres.

b.      Wickham will have to apply for the land division.

c.       The expectation is to rezone to AR-1.

d.      Conditional Use Permit is needed to have livestock. Olson is requesting 3 animal units.

e.       DeSchepper moved, second by Lloyd-Jones to recommend approval by the Town Board of the land division proposal, conditional on owner Wickham’s application.  Randy Manning then spoke noting that there is a state law requiring 50 foot highway frontage for non-conforming units when a change is made. Degen replied that the county will note our recommendations during their analysis. Motion carried.

f.        Symon Hanson moved, second by Lloyd-Jones to recommend approval of the rezoning by the county. Carried.

g.      DeSchepper moved, second by Lloyd-Jones to recommend approval by the Town Board of the Conditional Use Permit for three animal units. Carried.


5.      The Philip and Cheryl Limmex submittal for Driveway Access and Internal Drive for a Cell Tower.  Chair Degen first noted that the state statutes (66.0404) limit the Township’s review authority for siting cell towers. We do assert our authority, however, to review and approve the driveway access to the site.

After considerable discussion and sharing of viewpoints, focus was directed more specifically on the driveway specifications at which time the applicants submitted to the Plan Commission a revised drawing which detailed a significant change in driveway alignment.  Given the level of interest and the significance of the project it was suggested that the applicants work with Chair Degen to strengthen the application and the notification to neighbors and other potentially affected individuals.

Moved by DeSchepper, second by Symon Hanson to table the application. Carried.


6.  Further Business:  There was a general discussion of how best to inform interested parties of issues coming before the Commission, including an expanded definition of adjacent landowners. BugTussel agreed to place an article in the Home News and Dodgeville Chronicle. In addition relevant documents will be on our Town and Plan Commission web sites.


7. Motion to adjourn at 8:30 pm. Moved by De Schepper, second by Lloyd-Jones. Carried.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, May 2, at 7:00.


Respectfully submitted,           Judy Symon Hanson, Secretary

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