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Frequently Asked Questions

When are Town Board Meetings? 
Every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Town of Wyoming town hall.

I just moved here.  How do I get rid of my garbage? 
The town garbage and recycling center is open to all Town of Wyoming residents every Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Bundle your paper.  Plastic, aluminum cans and glass can be together. 

Here's a link to information on how to dispose of working and non-working computer equipment:


When does the Planning and Zoning committee meet? 
They meet on the first Tuesday of the month on an as needed basis.  Check the agenda tab to see if one is planned.

What is the Working Lands Initiative? 
Get info here www.datcp.state.wi.us/workinglands/index.jsp

What is a property owners responsibilty for payment of property tax?
Current year tax statements are mailed in December of each year

OPTION ONE: PAY IN FULL to the Town of Wyoming treasurer by January 31st.

OPTION TWO: Pay the 1st installment to the Town of Wyoming treasurer by January 31st and the second installment to the Iowa County Treasurer by July 31st. Postponed taxes can be paid to the County Treasurer any time after January 31st but the last date for payment is July 31st. Iowa County has until February 20th to settle with all 29 municipalities for their collections, therefore they cannot issue a county tax receipt until after February 20th.

If your tax bill qualifies and if you choose to pay your taxes in installments, then you must pay each installment by the due date or the TOTAL amount of your remaining unpaid taxes, special assessments, special charges and special taxes (if any) will be delinquent (S. 7411(7) or 74.12 & 74.85, Wis. Stats.) All delinquent taxes are subject to interest of 1% per month (fraction of a month counts as a whole month) from February 1st until paid, and in addition, may be subject to an additional penalty (S.74.47).

On September 1st of each year, a tax sale certificate number is assigned to each parcel with unpaid taxes. Two years from the tax certificate sale date, if the tax is still unpaid, the County can start action to take title to the property by tax deed.

What is the Board of Review?


Can I appeal?